Thursday, February 26, 2015


IT's coming down. I don't know who decided for IT to come down, but it is. Sometimes IT's coming in flutters and sometimes IT's coming in droves. There seems to be a lot of dodging but that just makes people look a little ridiculous because there's no dodging IT. Tall people, short people, fat people, children, old men, gaggles of women, classes on field trips, lawyers, real estate agents, shoppers, homeless, dogs, birds; no one can avoid IT. "Stay at home", they say. "Take advantage", say others. 

I'm inside where IT can't get to me, but eventually I'll have to be brave and go outside.

Ironically, I try to take a picture of IT to send to my husband, who has yet to experience this phenomenon. Then I try to take video. IT foils my attempts each time. And yet, I see IT piling up outside. The cars are furtively trying to navigate through IT. It's almost like they, too, don't want to be outside in the thick of IT. They sit so patiently, waiting for their owners to come and move them to a garage, or a shed at the very least. But we take them for granted and leave them out, alone or in groups, to brave IT all by themselves. And brave they are.

All the while, IT's piling up. I'm watching from my desk. IT's so beautiful, so entrancing, so terrifying, so intimidating. I know my time is clicking down... 13 more minutes until I leave the office and go into IT.

12 minutes....

On my computer I've been playing "Gipsy Kings Radio" on Pandora all day, failing in my attempts to pretend I'm in the Caribbean or at least Mexico on a tropical day, even though I've got a sweater on. Some don't seem so daunted by IT, though and just shrug it off. This guy just pulled up in his car. He gets out and I realize he has a T-shirt on. A T-SHIRT! He throws on his red leather jacket, flips the collars one time, zips it up so smoothly, adjust his cap and slams the door. Beep Beep. And he's off. Just like that in IT. I shake my head. Well, I guess I could be making a bigger deal out of IT than I should. IT's easing off anyways.

I may have to move. IT must have heard me thinking about the tapering off. Now IT's coming in droves again!

Oh well, IT's just snow.