Thursday, June 5, 2014


Although I am not new at blogging, it has been a while since I was active. I first created a blog before I left to go to the Peace Corps in order to chronicle my experiences for the duration of my service, but I soon found that my lack of internet availability and access hindered my input time and quickly affected my motivation to continue writing on the blog. My adventures as Peace Corps Volunteer are over and I am now onto a new chapter in my life, hence the new blog.

As I move on in life to bigger adventures, harder challenges and new beginnings (as well as endings), I have a new-found sense of purpose to start my blogging again. Although no one can know what is in store for our futures, I hope to keep this blogging up as a way to chronicle my thoughts and experiences. Who knows, maybe this will be a beacon of light for someone else or a way to connect with others in similar positions. Either way, I hope each of you readers enjoy my blog!

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